Friday, June 10, 2011

being an auntie

333 days until 30 and today I became an auntie again! I have a brand new nephew, so new in fact, that I don't even know his name yet. His mother is my sister by choice, we are not blood related, but as far as I am concerned, you may choose who you call family. And if given a million choices, I would still only need one as far as she is concerned, she is my sister, her husband is my brother, and their son is my nephew!

Being an auntie is my favorite job I have ever had. Rowan, my 5 year old nephew, will tell you that I am the best Auntie Lizzy ever! So when Erin told me that they were expecting a boy, I was over the moon! I mean, I have experience being an auntie to a nephew. It's like getting a promotion at work, where they only make you do the things you are already good at! Not that I don't think I wouldn't make an amazing auntie to a niece, I will, but there is just something so wonderful about having a nephew! And now I have two!!!

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