Thursday, June 9, 2011

"don't get old"

I started swimming laps more regularly to add some cross training to my marathon training schedule. Yesterday I went to swim some laps before teaching lessons and the 19 year old lifeguard, a friend of mine, asked why I would need to swim laps since I am already so tiny. I replied "I'm tiny because I swim and run, don't get old."

A friend my age, Emily, mentioned that she had been going to morning swim at another pool, so this morning I headed there to punish myself a little more. We were talking with another 19 year old that was there swimming about having to work out more, needing surgeries for old athletic injuries, and the like. Her advice to this young swimmer was also "don't get old."

It's absolutely impractical advice when you think about it. You don't have a choice, as time passes - you get older. I think what both Emily and I meant by "don't get old" was "make sure you take care of yourself, your body treats you the way you treat it, as you get older."

But it's a lot funnier to just tell people "don't get old."

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