Monday, June 20, 2011


My sister and I got my dad a beta fish for fathers day and gave it to him on Saturday. It was a great gift because a few years ago my dad had a beta fish that he referred to as our "little brother" and he brought with him in the cup holder of his car when he came to visit us. Even though it was less than ten years ago, he didn't remember doing that when we told him the story. Never the less, we remembered his silliness and wanted him to enjoy fish ownership again.

So I went to visit my parents on Sunday afternoon and my dad preceded to show me B3's new trick - grabbing the tip of a chopstick. He went on a on about how he was going to have to figure out either a)how to bring him to England in July or b)fish sitter accommodations. I informed him that I had a beta that stayed alive for 2 months even though I ignored it and that he would be fine for 10 days. Never the less, if you know a good fish sitter, my parents are looking for one.

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