Friday, May 6, 2011


Two seemed like a good title for my second post. It is the second, there are two days until the countdown to 30, I mean, my 29th birthday, and I have two days of personal leave. The personal leave is only relevant because I took half a day today (and if I write "half" like this "1/2" there's a two in it) to get ready for doomsday, sorry - I mean my birthday. And by get ready, I mean clean.

See, this is what my room usually looks like:


Beautiful, right? I know it's perfectly acceptable for a 28 year old to have a messy room, but 29? 30? At some point it had to be cleaned. I decided that this morning was as good a time as any. Here are the results:


You'll notice that the vacuum is still out. That's because I was too tired to put it away. Baby steps here, people!

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