Friday, May 13, 2011


Ron lives in my neighborhood that makes sure that people are parking correctly and that their tags and inspections are current on their cars. If you're in violation of one of our cluster parking rules, he leaves a post-it on your window. For that reason, a lot of people don't like him.

But those people are wrong, they don't know the real Ron.

I always stop to say hello and chat with Ron. He is knowledgeable and has a lot of great stories and insights on things. And I know the little bit of time I take out of my day to speak with him really brightens his.

Today we were chatting and he brought up love and companionship. He offered me some thoughts on the subject and I found myself really valuing his insight. Then he let me know that his wife, Polly, had just passed. She had been ill with Parkinson's since the mid 80's and Ron had been her care giver. He would walk with her when she was able, and then push her in a wheelchair until she had been bed bound in 2007. On April 11th she refused to take her medication and told Ron that she wanted to die, on April 19th she ate her last food, and then passed on April 25th.

Ron said that even though she had been gone for quite some time (the Parkinson's coupled with dementia) , he didn't realize her actual death would effect him so much. This made tears well up in both our eyes, but we also both smiled. I said that it meant that he had a good heart.

I think I will always remember the advice that Ron gave me today, even though I am going to be a bit stingy for now and not share it.

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